The days seems long but the years seems short | Frisco Family Photographer

Hey it’s me! I thought I’d say hi to new faces hanging here! My name is Jana, I’m a photographer that has always loved working from home and sharing the love of Jesus! I'm a mom of 4 girls and now a Nanna to 8 littles. One of my favorite things now is hanging with my daughters, and being any and all I can for them as they grow their families. Watching my girls now, I have such a heart for young mommies, because I remember the days that seemed long but the years that seemed short. When my kids were really little my washer and dryer were in the garage, I remember having huge piles on the floor, one of clean and one of dirty, they never ever seemed to move except from one pile to the other. The days when I couldn't even wash my face let alone put makeup on. When life ended at 3 for me and the next 3 hours spent in the car driving kids from one thing to the other. The long nights and early mornings. When exhausted trumped gratefulness, but I would crawl into bed and found it in my heart to say, " thank you Jesus!" But I wouldn't trade any of it, nor would most of you I'm sure. My hope now is to encourage and support ya'all and help to capture those fleeting moments for you. My vibe? It’s high end but laid back. You'll find me in my lulu's most days, on a good day they may even get used for running. But I love to be home in my space that is very comfy, editing or reading, or cooking or lets face it...eating! But my most best time abuser is this right here, loving on these sweet faces, sharing how their day went, telling tall tales, being used as a jungle gym and side splitting laughter! This right here is the gift my God gave me to remind me how truly precious this life is, and to not forget the joy of the simple through the eyes of a child. Tell me: who are ya? How’d you find me? And what’s your favorite thing to do when your not chasing kiddos


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