Early morning in the blue bonnets | Frisco family photographer

bahahaha! I always tend to get a bit behind on blogging in the spring but with all my sessions you would think I would have plenty to write about?! Well clearly you have too much faith in me because well truth be told, I am a terrible procrastinator, and honestly I like to be behind the camera more than behind my desk. So back in April I did some blue bonnet mini sessions and they were amazing!

This delicious little brother sister duo,were angels in the cool morning hour. I usually do golden hour shoots, but due to the fact that these two are early to bed, early to rise we opted to shoot right after the sun came up. Little sister wasn't too happy about posing when we first started, brother was a pro, but a few little treats and once she warmed up we were able to get some sweet captures. And those eyes, both of them had the clearest, blue eyes, dark hair, and snowy skin, it was heavenly to see them against the beautiful color in the field.

First time doing blue bonnet sessions as this was my first spring in Texas doing photography professionally, I wasn't too sure what the big deal was till I got to go out and saw it through my lens...God's incredible handiwork right there in front of us!

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