Mother Daughter Fall - Prosper Family Photographer

So it has begun, Fall is officially here, which doesn't mean a lot in Texas, but on this evening there was a slight hint that it was approaching. As a photographer you would think I would be grateful we don’t live in a place where it snows in April, rain almost everyday or scorching temps for 5 months of the year. However Texas has its bipolar moments, and has had a very late beginning of fall. Don’t get me wrong I am truly grateful when I look up at the Texas skies of rich bright blue with white billowing clouds. And when the sun sets, I am often struck at the beauty God creates here. On this gorgeous evening that did not disappoint and this mother daughter duo were absolutely precious. Mom started out by letting me know that her girl was not that thrilled that she did the matchy matchy, but there was no pout or attitude, she just smiled and was totally all in. Being a mom of 4 girls I have a soft spot for that relationship, and it brings me great joy to capture the love and emotion that is so evident when it has been built on from the beginning. So much adoration, joy and fun, I could see clearly how Shanae truly has had impact open her daughters life, her strength and confidence is not always seen in the tween years but was displayed so beautifully here. Such rich treasures, far more valuable than you could ever know!! Love capturing so much beauty resting within the gentle spaces of this family and it was just a delight to see it unfold before me. 

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